Car A/C Repair in Raleigh, NC

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Beat the Heat

Is there anything worse than getting into your vehicle after it’s been sitting under the hot summer sun in Raleigh, North Carolina? It can feel like getting right into an oven! The discomfort doesn’t last long, as your car’s air conditioning system powers on and blows refreshing cool air into the cabin. But if your vehicle’s a/c is malfunctioning, there’s no hope for a comfortable drive. Whether your cooling system fails to blow cold air or anything at all, it’s probably best that you head straight to King’s Auto Service for A/C repair! Our ASE Certified technicians can fix the problem to restore your car’s cool, controlled temperature. We want to help you beat the heat of North Carolina’s steamy summers — or wherever your travels take you this season!

Climate Control All Year Round

A functioning car A/C system is important all year round, not just in the summer! King’s Auto Service provides service for all makes and models throughout the year to keep vehicles in top condition. We can also service vehicles with 1234yf air conditioning systems! Not only is a properly functioning air conditioning unit important for your comfort and pleasure, but it can also protect against major problems. Leaks in the system can lead to mold growth and a smelly vehicle. Corrosive material from leaks may also cause serious damage to other components or the environment if not handled promptly. You could see higher repair costs in the future if the problem is left untreated. If your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working, there may be an underlying issue creating bigger problems than higher cabin temperatures. To protect your vehicle and its value, it’s essential that you visit our shop at the first sign of any car A/C malfunctioning for expert repairs!

Schedule Service With Us

Not all auto shops have the training or expertise to perform auto A/C repairs. Compared to other general repair items, services for climate control systems can be complex and challenging. That’s why you need a team that’s equipped for the job with decades of experience and all the right equipment. King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina is fully outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and supported by certified technicians. We can handle your vehicle’s A/C problem! We are so confident in our services that we stand behind our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty! To schedule your next service, call us at (919) 834-0748 or use our online tool. Find our shop at 1039 North West Street, just off of Wade Avenue and Capital Boulevard. We look forward to seeing you!