Signs Your Authentic Ford Transmission May Need Repair | Raleigh, NC | King’s Auto Service

Does your Ford transmission need repair?

Have you noticed a burning smell or had difficulty shifting the gears on your Ford vehicle? These are some of the signs your Ford transmission is due to be inspected and assessed for repair.

What are the signs my Ford Transmission Needs to be Repaired?

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission in your Ford vehicle, there are several warning signs that should send you to a shop like King's Auto Service in Raleigh, NC, to have the system assessed and repaired.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on and stays on steady, that's a sign there is something wrong with the vehicle. The check engine light can indicate many different problems, so the best thing you can do is take the car to a service center where they can diagnose the reason behind the check engine light.

Difficulty Shifting

In an automatic transmission, you should feel little or no movement when the vehicle changes gears. If you're feeling the car hesitate or jerk when it shifts gears, it's time for transmission repair.

Sluggish Shifting and Performance

Often, we blame the engine when our vehicle is sluggish in acceleration and response, but this could indicate a problem with your Ford transmission that requires repair.


If you smell something burning when you're driving, it could mean you have overheated transmission fluid. Overheating happens when the friction caused by the normal operation of your transmission is increased due to debris, sludge, or the age of the fluid. If you smell burning rubber, it's time for your Ford transmission to be repaired. Your transmission fluid should be changed every 100,000 miles or so.

Low Transmission Fluid

It's important to monitor the level of your transmission fluid to be sure the system isn't leaking. If you have low levels of transmission fluid, it likely means it's leaking somewhere. It's time to take your vehicle to a service center to find and repair the leak.

Hearing Strange Noises

It's rarely a good thing to hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, but clunks, hums, and buzzes are often indications of metal-on-metal contact within your transmission. Get to a service center that specializes in Ford repair to get the systems checked.

Written by King's Auto Service