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Protecting Your Vehicle

King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina is committed to keeping our customers on the road in healthy and reliable vehicles. We offer a full range of services for all makes and models. With the help of our expertly trained service advisors, you can get a customized maintenance plan for your individual vehicle. You’ll know exactly what services your vehicle will need and when to visit our shop to get them done. In between those visits, you’ll be free to hit the road with confidence knowing that your car is up to the task. If driving with peace of mind sounds appealing to you, get in contact with us today! We would love the chance to get to know you and your vehicle better. We can create your customized service schedule by optimizing your budget and auto repair needs. Let’s get started! Call (919) 834-0748 or drop in for more information!

Preventative Maintenance

If your vehicle experiences an issue with the brakes, battery, engine, air conditioning, timing belt, or any other component, you can count on our team to take care of it. With decades of experience under our tool belts, we provide high-quality repairs quickly to get you back on the road. What we really want to do with our training and knowledge is help our customers avoid those issues entirely! Our ASE Certified technicians have the tools and services to protect your vehicle’s optimal condition and performance. With a few routine repairs, we’ll keep your car running at its best! We want our customers to know that preventative maintenance is an affordable and easy alternative to the waiting game. Don’t just wait until your vehicle has an expensive issue — prevent it with regular visits to our shop!

Schedule An Appointment

As an independently owned and operated auto repair shop, King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina guarantees our customer’s complete satisfaction with a competitive 3-Year/36,000-Mile Warranty. You can get the same quality of care and coverage as you would with the dealership, but at a fraction of the cost! That’s because our team isn’t trying to take your money. We genuinely care about the health of your vehicle and your safety on the road. If your vehicle needs tuning to improve its performance, we’ll recommend services to help it get there. If we inspect its major systems and don’t find any issues, we’ll send you on your way with a reminder to visit us again soon. Make visits to our shop part of your vehicle’s routine! You’ll see long term benefits and savings! To get started, use our online scheduling system to book an appointment. Visit our shop at 1039 North West Street. We look forward to seeing you!