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Hybrid Battery Replacement vs. Repair: What You Need to Know

Driving a hybrid vehicle comes with many advantages. It’s eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive. However, if your hybrid car has a dead battery, should you opt to replace or repair it? These are important questions hybrid drivers need to ask. Thankfully, the auto repair specialists at King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, have […]

Failing Brakes: Know the First Signs of Trouble

Learn the early signs of brake failure to keep you and your passenger safe on the road. Your brakes have various ways of telling you they are worn out. Inside your brake caliper, the brake pad is held up against the brake rotor that is attached to your wheel. While you depress your brakes, these […]

ADAS Calibration: How It Can Benefit You

Stay Safe with Superior Our ADAS Services Few automotive repair shops offer Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibration services in-house. And even fewer customers know what these important services entail. In our ongoing commitment to empower and educate our customers, King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, is here to explain everything you need to […]

Know the Importance of Oil Changes in Every Season!

How do oil changes help your vehicle’s performance? Your oil plays a vital role in your engine’s performance, don’t let your vehicle go too long without an oil change to refresh your performance! Oil changes are probably the service that first comes to mind when you think of Auto Repair. It’s a staple to preventative […]

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