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How to Know Your Car’s AC Need to Be Repaired

North Carolina is a great place to live and drive year-round, but the summer months can be unbearable if your car's air conditioning (AC) system breaks down. Rather than having to face driving in the heat with only the ability to roll down the windows for relief, use these tips to know what's going on and take your vehicle to a qualified shop for service or repair.

Warning Signs to Look For

Have you found small puddles of water in your vehicle?

When your AC is operating normally, the unit will drain outside the vehicle. The likely culprit if your AC is draining inside the vehicle is a clogged drain hose.

Noticed some strange smells or sounds when the AC is running?

Bad odors coming from your AC when it's running can show a problem with mold or bacteria growing within the system. Take your vehicle in for AC repair or maintenance immediately, as these molds or bacteria can cause breathing problems for sensitive drivers or passengers. Strange sounds coming from your AC can mean you have mechanical issues going on behind the dashboard. It could be a fan failure or compressor issue. Either way, it's time to have your AC examined and repaired.

Is your AC struggling to keep up with the heat, or has there been a change in the level of cooling when you run the AC?

These types of problems can be connected with the level of refrigerant or failure in the compressor or evaporator. It's time to take your car to a service center before more drastic failures occur. All of these are signs of problems with your AC that may require repair. Even an illuminated check engine light can be connected to a failing AC system.

What Now?

If you've noticed any of the warning signs, it's time to bring your vehicle to a qualified shop, like Kings Auto Service in Raleigh, NC, for AC repair. The sooner you act on the warning signs and take your vehicle to a service center, the better. You wil not only be more comfortable, but you'll also likely be able to head off major repairs. In fact, even if you've had none of the warning signs, taking your vehicle to a service center for maintenance can help head off major ac repair bills. If you live around the Raleigh, NC area, call King's Auto Service and make an appointment to have their qualified technicians look over your AC. Or stop by the shop and talk with our technicians. They'll be happy to help you with your car AC repairs.

Written by King's Auto Service