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What is Classified as a Light Duty Truck?

There are three main classifications of trucks according to the US government. These classifications are used to set standards for emissions and payload.

What Criteria are Used to Determine a Vehicle’s Class?

A vehicle’s class determination is based on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and payload capacity. For example, a Light Duty Truck will have a GVWR of up to 8500 pounds and a payload capacity of about 4000 pounds.

What Does the Classification for Your Vehicle Mean?

It’s important that your mechanic be well versed in repairing your classification of vehicle. If you drive a light-duty truck, you want to be certain the service center you take it to has qualified mechanics who understand the classification of your truck and what your vehicle needs to run best.

Does it Matter Whom I Take My Light Duty Truck to for Repair?

Absolutely! A mechanic who is trained to work on light-duty trucks will be more aware of possible repairs you need that might not be as clear to a mechanic who specializes in heavy-duty trucks. The classification of your vehicle as a light-duty truck can affect everything from the type of oil you use in the engine to the type and size of tires you drive on. A mechanic who has chosen a specialty, such as light-duty truck repair, will be better able to focus on the specific issues you and your vehicle might be facing when you take it to them for Repair. Think of it this way, if you have a sore tooth, you can certainly go to your general practice doctor, but you’re much more likely to get faster and more long-lasting relief if you go to your dentist. The specialist knows what to do and how to help you in ways your GP doctor may not even think of.

The same is true for your mechanic.

If you drive a light duty truck and find yourself in need of maintenance or Repair, why not stop by King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, NC and talk with our light duty truck repair specialists? They’d love to help you extend the life of your vehicle and help you understand how you can get better performance from it.

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