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Battery, Engine, and Oil Loss

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If you are having some car trouble or you just have questions about your vehicle Dean Bailey is able to help. Dean Bailey, the owner of King Auto Service in Raleigh, answers viewers’ questions about how to care for their vehicles.

Scenario #1:

A 1994 Mazda 626 V6 Automatic cuts off while moving down the road. The distributer was replaced twice and there have been problems with the battery and the engine still cuts off. The owner suspects that the overheating has caused wire damage. Dean Bailey’s suggestion is as follows: “Often times there is a power wire that feeds the alternator so that when it is charging it recharges the battery. The connection on that alternator often burns up so a charging system analysis can be helpful.

Scenario #2:

A 1986 Ford Ranger keeps loosing oil. It originally had a V6 but it was replaced with a 5.8-meter engine. No one knows why he is loosing oil since he has not seen an oil spot anywherein his driveway. Dean Bailey thinks that it could be burning oil going past the rings in the engine or the valve seals. You can pull the spark plugs and you can see the build up of contaminants on the plug indicate that it has been burning oil. Often times it is by the rings and there additives you can put in the system that helps move the carbon away from the rings.

Scenario #3:

A 2002 Hydundi XG350 has a power steering leak. It was taken to a service shop where it was said that it was steering pump, but others said it was power steering hoses. Dean Bailey said that an ultraviolet light could help detect where the leak is coming from and that way there are able to fix.

Written by Dean Bailey