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Learn How You Can Prepare for An NC State Inspection

Get ready for your once-a-year NC State Inspection at King’s Auto Service  It always comes around sooner than you think: it’s time for your NC State Inspection again. Luckily, they send you plenty of reminders! If you’re concerned your vehicle may not pass for either emissions or non-functioning safety features, don’t leave it to chance. […]

What’s Checked During NC State Inspection

What You Need to Know In order to register your vehicle in North Carolina, it must undergo an annual inspection with a state licensed mechanic. This requirement applies to both autos being registered in state for the first time as well as renewal of existing registrations. The inspection must be completed within 90 days prior […]

How to Pass NC State Safety Inspection

What You Need to Know North Carolina drivers are required to complete safety inspections annually to make sure everyone is safe to drive on public roads in the state. King’s Auto Service in Raleigh is here to help drivers pass that inspection the first time. Use this information as your preparation for your next inspection […]