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Brake Repair Explained

Pedals to Pads: What You Need to Know

You want your car to always be safe for the road and for that, nothing is more important than fully functional brakes. No matter what kind of dangers you encounter on the road -- wild animals, other vehicles, or road debris -- your brakes are there to stop you before an accident. But without regular service, they can’t always be the first line of defense. That’s because brake components wear out over time from all the use. To keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, they need routine repairs and service!

How Brake Repairs Help

When you visit King’s Auto Service of Raleigh, NC for brake repairs, our technicians inspect the following major components to ensure they are fit for continued use. If they find anything wrong, they’ll perform repairs and replacements to restore optimal function. Then you can hit the road again with complete confidence in your vehicle’s braking system!

Brake Components

Brake Pads

The pads act as a cushion between the calipers to prevent direct metal-on-metal contact. But under the pressure of continuous use, they will wear out. It’s not a question of if, but when. Once they are worn dangerously low, your vehicle will be at risk of serious and costly damage if they aren’t replaced promptly!


When you want to stop your car, all you have to do is apply slight pressure on the pedal with your foot. After that, a number of parts work together to stop your heavy car. It’s amazing to think about! But sometimes the process is impacted from step one when the pedal doesn’t do its job to translate force from your foot into stopping power. A spongy pedal that sinks to the floor instead of slightly depressing will need professional attention!

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors press against the rotors and the friction slows the system and your vehicle down. These parts tend to last about as long as brake pads, so have them checked and replaced on a similar schedule to keep repairs on schedule and the whole brake system performing at its best.

Brake Calipers

Calipers house the brake pads, pistons, and fluid and act as the clamp that creates friction between the pads and rotors. The most common reason for caliper repair is a problem with the seals, which may break down from the heat generated in the braking system.

Written by Dean Bailey