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Car Care and Car Trouble Tips: Round 1

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In the studio, this morning, to answer your questions about car care and car trouble, is mechanic, Dean Bailey. He is the owner of King Auto Service In Raleigh.

First question:

Jessica is having someone replace the starter of her 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora and was asked her for a security code. Never having a security code, she asks Dean Bailey what is she to do. In reply, he says, “ Well, there are several issues here. The security code normally deals with the radio itself and not the starting of the car. She has to pass through this system which will most likely need reprograming to accept an old key so she has to possibly go to a dealer if the technician that is assisting her does not have the equipment.”

Second question:

Bob has a noisy fuel pump opposed to the original on his 1994 Jeep Cherokee. He wants to know if this is normal. In reply, Dean Bailey says, “Sometimes when you put a new tank in, since most pumps are made of a plastic material, it causes them to expand and contrast and it moves the pump up and down inside when it is empty. So it is normal and okay.”

Third question:

Jennifer says that smoke comes out from under her 2001 Nissan Xterra’s hood on the passenger side. She has oil in her engine and all the fluids have been checked. Dean Bailey says that she may have a leak that is getting into the exhaust. It could be the valve cover gasket or some other type of pressure system that may be leaking and she needs to get in checked.

Fourth question:

Daniel’s 1998 Saturn SL2, with 172,000 miles, has a squeaking noise. He believed it could be the belt, but it only occurs when the car is moving so he would like to know if it is his wheels or shocks. Dean Bailey says, “when it is moving, it is related to the brakes or some component’s in the dry shaft system. He needs to take it in and have it put up on the lift to pull the wheel and check it out.”

Fifth question:

Trish has a 2000 Saab 9-3 Convertible. It smokes at time when she starts it. Its not burning oil and it is running fine. Dean Bailey says that it may be valve seal leaks. It gets harder as it ages. She may not notice the burning oil, but that is a strong possibility.

Written by Dean Bailey