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Car Issues Resolved

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Dean Bailey from King’s Automotive is an expert at repairing automobiles. He consistently helps people with any car trouble they face. Here are a few examples:

The Dakota

A 1994 Dodge Dakota has 4400 miles. The headlights have stopped working and the ABS and the brake lights stay on all the time. A mechanic says that the electrical harness is corroded, but other mechanics disagree. Dean Bailey says that it is often expensive to replace the electrical harness, so it is better to replace the area that is corroded, which saves a lot of money.

The Taurus

A 2004 Ford Taurus idles at 550-650 rpm. The owner has done some maintenance to it and wonders if the idle air control has gone bad. It could be bad, but it could also just be a vacuum leak. Dean Bailey says it would be best to have a professional look at it.

The Freestar

A 2004 Ford Freestar jerks when it drives. It is believed that the fuel filter may be clogged or the car may have received some bad gas. Dean Bailey says that it would be a smart idea to replace the fuel filter because it has been through a lot. That could be a good preventative step and it could resolve the jerking of the car.

The Mazda 2200

A 1989 Mazda 2200 will only run why holding the ignition in the start position and it shuts off when the ignition is released. It is a possibility that it is the ignition switch has a problem and it should be replaced.

The Alero

2000 Oldsmobile Alero makes a clicking sound from the front right tire. It seems like the front rotors were replaced during brake repairs. It could be a lose pad that may be in need of lubricant and retightening.

Written by Dean Bailey