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How to Tell When You Need Auto Repair

4 Times to Visit King’s Auto Service

You want to take the best possible care of your car, but you also don’t want to spend more time or money than you have to at the auto repair shop. Don’t worry, the team at King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina understands what our customers need. We’ve created a summary of a few major moments to seek professional attention for your car.

1. Factory Recommended Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the foundation for long-term vehicle health. That’s why your visits to the auto shop should follow the recommended service schedule in your owner’s manual. You can find the exact timelines your car’s manufacturer has recommended for services including oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, and more. When it’s time for maintenance service, head to your local experts!

2. Check Engine Light

If you follow the factory recommended maintenance schedules, your car shouldn’t need major repairs frequently throughout its lifetime. But there are occasions when unanticipated problems arise. When that happens, your vehicle’s monitoring system will detect the problem and send you an alert through the check engine light, telling you to seek professional attention. Our team can quickly diagnose and repair whatever issue is behind the warning.

3. Unusual Behavior

After being behind the wheel of your car every day for months or years, you’re probably very accustomed to its normal behavior, sounds, and movements. Anything that arises outside of normal behavior is a reason to visit the auto repair shop. Strange sounds might indicate a failing part and poor performance that impacts your driving experience should be corrected. Don’t leave the problem to worsen; get the help your car needs!

4. Recall

Sometimes problems with vehicle components come up after cars are sold to the public. When that happens, a brand may issue a recall to correct the problem on all versions of that vehicle. If this happens to your car, there’s no need to stress. Just head to your trusted professionals for repairs to resolve the issue. We can restore your car’s optimal performance and safety!

Looking for someone to handle your vehicle’s auto repair needs? Visit the experts at King’s Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina! We look forward to serving you!

Written by King's Auto Service