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Know the Importance of Oil Changes in Every Season!

How do oil changes help your vehicle’s performance?

Your oil plays a vital role in your engine’s performance, don’t let your vehicle go too long without an oil change to refresh your performance!

Oil changes are probably the service that first comes to mind when you think of Auto Repair. It’s a staple to preventative maintenance and is a quick way to give your engine a boost. With regular oil changes as part of your preventative maintenance plan, your technician will check your oil and let you know when it’s time to be changed. If you’re uncertain about the state of your oil, you could do a quick check using the dipstick in your engine. New, effective oil is a light-honey color and runny like vegetable oil. Over time, it becomes darker and thicker and this is when it’s time for an oil change. Our technicians at King’s Auto Service have put together the top 4 reasons for regular oil changes to show how you and your vehicle can benefit from this service!

Provides Engine Lubrication:

The principal function of your engine oil is to lubricate the various moving parts to reduce friction and heat. The oil absorbs both so that your engine can work smoothly with the least amount of resistance. The more efficient your engine parts are in their movements, the less loss of power you will experience in your performance.

Reduces Engine Build Up and Prevents Wear:

Your oil also has a cleaning effect as it is circulated through your engine. As your engine works, bits of debris will accumulate from the parts moving together, and some dust and dirt will even get into the engine from the road. Over time, these will contribute to your oil aging and getting thicker. While your oil is thick and speckled with dirt, it will be less effective in lubricating and cooling your engine.

Better Gas Mileage:

We’ve mentioned that poor oil health will lead to loss of performance and power in your engine. As your oil lubricates your engine, and the parts are working efficiently, there will be minimal loss of power. This means that all the energy created in your engine is translated directly into motion instead of being lost due to friction and overheating.

Longer Engine Life:

Not only are there immediate benefits to regular oil changes, but also you will have a longer engine life in the end. While lubricating and cooling your engine, the oil is reducing wear and stress on the engine parts so that they will last longer before a fault can develop.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, off-road, hybrid, heavy-duty, all engines rely on oil to work smoothly and efficiently. Any vehicle owner who wants to get the most out of their vehicle today and a long vehicle life in the future should keep up with regular oil changes!

Written by King's Auto Service