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How to Pass NC State Safety Inspection

What You Need to Know

North Carolina drivers are required to complete safety inspections annually to make sure everyone is safe to drive on public roads in the state. King’s Auto Service in Raleigh is here to help drivers pass that inspection the first time. Use this information as your preparation for your next inspection and you’ll be sure to pass!

Start Ahead of Time

NC vehicle safety inspections cover all major mechanical systems, as well as any accident avoidance systems on the vehicle. Keeping them in proper working order to pass is work that can be done throughout your car’s lifespan. Preventative maintenance services with a professional are simple, affordable, and ensure your vehicle is always road-legal and performing its best. The inspection includes the following items:

  • Brakes (including parking brake)
  • Lights (head, tail, brake, plate lights, and turn signals)
  • Horn
  • Springs & Steering System
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Rear-View Mirrors
  • Tires
  • No Window Tints

Maintaining these parts and systems is easy. If you notice problems or if something stops functioning, get it fixed with King’s Auto Service as soon as possible. Then, you’ll be ready to go by your car’s next inspection and in the meantime, you’ll continue driving the best version of your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to check these essential items prior to testing. If the technician conducting the inspection notices problems, your car will immediately fail. Retesting for something as simple as worn out wiper blades is a pain, and one that can be easily avoided by handling the repairs before inspection. If you know it’s been a while since the wiper blades were replaced or the brakes repaired, it can pay off to schedule service before your inspection.

Schedule With King’s Auto Service

If you make King’s Auto Service your go-to auto repair team, we can make sure your car is always ready to pass NC State Inspection! Visit our shop in Raleigh, North Carolina for repairs and inspections. Our team of ASE Certified technicians handles it all!

Written by King's Auto Service