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Learn How You Can Prepare for An NC State Inspection

Get ready for your once-a-year NC State Inspection at King’s Auto Service 

It always comes around sooner than you think: it’s time for your NC State Inspection again.

Luckily, they send you plenty of reminders! If you’re concerned your vehicle may not pass for either emissions or non-functioning safety features, don’t leave it to chance. Before you head into a shop, here are 3 things you can do to prepare: 

Address any check engine lights:

Whenever your vehicle has any check engine alerts, you should have them checked out. This is especially important if you’re scheduling your state inspection, because the alert may cause you to fail the inspection. Have a technician look over your vehicle once a year as part of your preventative maintenance schedule and you won’t have to worry about the inspector finding anything concerning.

Check if you are exempt from Emissions Inspections:

If you drive one of a certain class of vehicle, you may be exempt from the NC State Inspection.

  • Select light-duty vehicles which are less than three years old or with fewer than 70,000 miles
  • Vehicles manufactured before 1995
  • Diesel-operated vehicles
  • Any vehicle registered as a farm vehicle

If your vehicle falls into any of these categories, you’re exempt from the inspection.

Do a preliminary check yourself:

The state inspection isn’t just for emissions from your engine, it’s also to check the safety and collision features on your vehicle. These features aren’t for your safety and your passengers, and for everyone else on the road as well. Your brakes need to be in good working order so you can stop before a collision or maneuver to avoid one. The inspector will be looking for excessive wear and any signs of poor brake health like noise or excessive heat. Your headlights need to be functioning and unobscured so you can see the road in the darkest conditions. Your turn signals need to be operational so you can communicate properly with other drivers. Inside the cabin, the inspector will also check your seatbelts and airbags. You rely on the safety of your vehicle without thinking on a daily basis, and this yearly inspection is the opportunity to make sure everything is in good working order!

Written by King's Auto Service