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Common Car Questions Answered

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If you are having some car trouble or you have a question aCommon Car Questions Answered bout your vehicle, Dean Bailey, from King Auto Service in Raleigh, is able to answer your questions.

Scenario #1:

A 1999 Cadillac Eldorado has 84,000 miles and when it is running it has a low roaring sound. It is thought to be the air conditioner, even though it roars when the AC is off as well as on. Dean Bailey says that repairing this problem will be expensive. However, the noise could be a pulley that constantly moves whether the AC is on or off. It is driven by serpentine belts and it is very important to fix it because that pulley bearing can lock up and brake that belt and it will lead to loosing power steering and the alternator. The bearings loose their lubrication. You cannot add lubrication to it so the bearings have to be replaced, but when mileage is high, it is best to replace the entire compressor.

Scenario #2:

A 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio’s check engine light continuously stays on. A mechanic is able to get the light to turn off, but it turns back on after 25-50 miles. Dean Bailey says that it is more than just turning the light off. When going in for an inspection that light has to be off in order to pass the inspection. The computer has to internally rate the test and some component has to be failing, causing the light to turn back on. So the mechanic should look more deeply into it.

Scenario #3:

A 1998 Dodge Ram runs great until right before it goes into overdrive and then it starts shaking severely and when overdrive is turned off it smooths right out. Dean Bailey says that the transmission fluid needs to be changed; it has friction modifiers to allow the clutch to slide in and out smoothly without causing shakiness. Adding good friction modifiers and regular transmission checks will do the trick.

Written by Dean Bailey