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Prepping a Car for Summer: Why AC service is necessary

Stay Comfortable in Your Car

Surprises can be wonderful! A bright rainbow after a summer rain shower. An afternoon surprise picnic for your birthday. A day trip to the mountains that you didn't know your significant other was planning for you. But one surprise you don't want this summer is to find out your car's AC isn't cooling properly on the first really hot day. Don't be the recipient of this unwanted "gift." Schedule an appointment with King's Auto Service in Raleigh, North Carolina, to ensure that your vehicle's air conditioning system is ready to keep you cool while you travel to all the joyous days of summer ahead.

Preventive Services

The best way to make sure your AC is ready for summer is to take your car in for service now. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced in air conditioning issues, so they can identify and correct the common problems that can sneak up on you after your AC has gone unused all winter. For example, if your system has developed a small hole during its down time, the refrigerant may be leaking down. When your auto doesn't have enough refrigerant, warm air--or air that isn't cool enough--will blow into the passenger cabin. Further, the AC may not be getting any operating power if an electrical problem such as a broken wire has cropped up. Flying road debris may have blocked or punctured the condenser. If this has happened, the condenser cannot exchange heat as intended. If the compressor has failed during its period of disuse, refrigerant cannot circulate through the air conditioning system. Also, the condenser cannot cool properly if fans aren't working correctly. This impacts the temperature of the refrigerant. Finally, the blend air door, which allows cool and warm air to mix to achieve the desired temperature, may become stuck when sitting unused. If this happens, you may have only warm air blowing through your car's vents.

Preparing for Summer

The time to prepare your ride for a steamy North Carolina forecast is before the weather gets really hot. Of all the sweet surprises summer has in store for you, a broken AC in your car isn't one of them. Problems can arise while the air conditioning system sits unused in cool temperatures, and most such issues aren't things that you can diagnose and repair at home. Don't let an air conditioner failure ruin your outing for an ice cream cone. Let King's Auto Service take care of your auto's AC needs now so that you can be sure it will be cool the next time you're hot.

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